Pre-Workout Performance Without Stimulants

Muscle Sport BCAA Revolution has advanced BCAA supplementation beyond any current product on the market. While most companies are still using hard to mix, gritty BCAAs Muscle Sport has introduced micronized Ajinopure IBCAA’s. You will notice the difference the first time you mix this product, it mixes easier, tastes better and the absorption rate is higher than with any other BCAA product.

Super Charging BCAAs using Amino Nitrates – Rather than using conventional BCAA technology Muscle Sport chose BCAAs in the Nitrate form. This provides for far greater BCAA stability and transport across intestinal and muscle cell membranes. An exciting property of nitrates is their capability to act as permeation enhancers of intestinal absorption. Consequently, nitrate bound compounds effortlessly bypass the intestinal wall to be absorbed intact into the bloodstream. The nitrate bound amino acids innovation is a novel science far superior to free form amino acids. One of the premier advantages of nitrates is rapid and potent vasodilatation. This results in increased blood flow to enhance the distribution of nutrients to the muscles and other tissues. This increases stamina, strength and recovery.

From experience this product is great for pre-workout performance. If you are looking for a break from stimulants this is a great product to try or it can be mixed with a traditional pre-workout to amplify the pump and workout results. The amino nitrates definitely provide a pronounced pump and enhanced vasodilatation. You will also find strength gains and improved muscular endurance as well. I was able to shorten rest periods and use more weight on my second and third sets for most muscle groups.

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