Blu-ray Review: The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau threw me for a loop. The previews and even the cover of the disk show Matt Damon racing through the streets of Manhattan. The premise Jason Bourne does New York pops into your head. The action scenes in the trailer…are just about the only action scenes in the movie.

Lack of action aside The Adjustment Bureau is a very well put together movie. This love story disguised as an action flick is actually pretty good. The cast is brilliant including Mad Men star and Boston native John Slattery as Damon’s nemesis. There are also a bunch of cameos in the film that only a star of Matt Damon’s magnitude could draw.

Visually the film is stunning. The Adjustment Bureau takes you on a picturesque trip of New York. The blu-ray gets pushed to the limits in a rave scene that will punish your subwoofer and dazzle your eyes.

The bottom-line here is Matt Damon doesn’t make bad movies does he? This is yet another good one. Is it Oscar worthy no, it is more than entertaining. I would call this a great date movie.

The Adjustment Bureau is available from Universal Studios Home Entertainment tomorrow June 21st on blu-ray and DVD.