Is Mark Cuban The Right Owner To End The Dodger Blues?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a rich history of winning, pride, fan support, and prestige over the years. They’ve always had great ownership since coming to Los Angeles back in 1958. However that great ownership of Peter O’Malley and later son Walter O’Malley ended in 1998 when the Dodgers were sold to Rupert Murdock and NewsCorp for a reported $350 million dollars. The largest sale of a franchise at that time in baseball. That was the beginning of the end, and Dodger blue was never the same again.

After that terrible time of ownership, Dodger fans suffered yet another blow with the selling of the team from NewsCorp to Frank & Jamie McCourt. Since that time, ownership wasn’t any better as we later learned how the McCourt’s mismanaged funds, failed to sign top notch free agents, their bitter divorce, and a terrible beating incident on opening day involving Giants fan Brian Stow. It only got worse as fans feared for their safety at Dodger Stadium, and the security issues continued to mound. Finally Commissioner Bud Selig stepped in as Major League Baseball (MLB) took over the team temporarily, and is now looking for new ownership. Selig was quoted as saying that the new owner (once the Dodgers are put up for sale) will be a “safe” choice.

In many baseball owners and executives eyes, Mark Cuban is not listed as a safe choice. However, Cuban is right for baseball, and especially for the Dodgers.

With fan attendance its lowest in many years, the energy, enthusiasm, vision, and fan appreciation Cuban has, the team needs an owner like him who can restore the greatness that was once associated with the Dodgers. Bringing them back to their winning ways on and off the field, along with boosting fan attendance.

If you look at how he completely turned around the Dallas Mavericks franchise that he purchased back in 2002, Cuban has made that team competitive, increased fan support, generated more revenue, and are now world champions. I’m not saying it would take nine years for the Dodgers to be champions, however I’d give Cuban a few seasons or less to turn the franchise around.

MLB is at its best when teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Angels, and Dodgers are deep in the playoff hunt. Cuban gives the best chance for the Dodgers to do just that, along with giving the fans and consumers something to be proud of and support. MLB and Bud Selig need to really evaluate this move and allow Cuban the opportunity to own a team such as the Dodgers. Its apparent, he’s learn alot from the time he tried to purchase the Cubs, and Rangers until now. I think he understands the role and responsibility of owning a major league team.

At the end of it all, its about revenue, and that’s what Cuban will generate with the Dodgers. He wont be spending money frivolously, yet spend it effectively to get the right players on the field and contend for a world series title.

Fact is the Dodgers haven’t seen a championship since 1988, so Bud Selig right the wrong that you’ve committed and give baseball fans and most importantly Dodger fans something they’ve needed for years. A real owner who is sharp and just as passionate about winning as they are. Cleaning up the mess that you Commissioner have allowed Frank McCourt to make. Cuban brings the right people in for baseball such as a general manager, president, vice president, etc. to aid him in running the team, the Dodgers should run smoothly.

This is Los Angeles, the second largest market in the nation, this is not Milwaukee, so do not treat the team as such by bringing in some cheap owner that you can control. Do us all a favor Commissioner Selig make the right choice and allow to Cuban to purchase the team. It’ll be great for the city of Los Angeles, businesses, the fans, and most importantly baseball as a whole.

One step to new ownership Bud Selig rejected the FOX TV offer to Frank McCourt, which will make it sooner than later for people to be proud again to be a Dodger fan.

By Nick Hamilton