Jackass Fans React To Westboro Baptist Church’s Threat To Picket The Funeral of Ryan Dunn on Facebook and Twitter

Yesterday news broke that Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church would be picketing the funeral of Jackass star Ryan Dunn. As soon as the news broke Jackass fans worldwide responded and the reactions might be a little more than what Fred Phelps was looking for.

As reported by TMRzoo.com yesterday The WBC’s objection to Dunn was that he was a “drab pervert who hawked porn-level filth to get rich from a perverse generation.” They call specific attention to the Jackass stunt of when Dunn put a toy car in his rectum and then went to get X-rays at the hospital.

The Jackass fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook and have had harsh words for the WBC leader and his followers. Some of the replies to our posts on this story alone are pretty intense. @Dr_B_Frigo tweeted These people are f’ed up. I hope @jackassworld guys kick their ass.  @possum_chop also hit Twitter to say “This is disgusting. If the @dickhouseworld @jackassworld crews need back up, just ask – we’ll be there for you xx”

Still my two favorite tweets without a doubt are from @gwarfield “Westboro Baptist church says they are picketing Ryan Dunn’s funeral. I hope Bam shoots them all. #DieFuckers“ and this classic from @JohnnyKnoxviIIe (obviously not the true Johnny Knoxville) I’LL SHOVE A WHOLE FUCKIN’ CAR IN THEIR ASSES! I think the @jackassworld boys would kick their arses.

There has been not reaction from the Jackass camp in regards to Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church. With that in mind their silence on this matter is deafening. There has been no response on the Twitter accounts of Bam Margera, Steve O or Johnny Knoxville. You know they are pissed and have a right to be. Finally I think Fred Phelps has met his match.