Avery Brewing Releases Meretrix Barrel-Aged Sour Ale

She’s patiently awaited you for two years. Aging gracefully in beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon barrels and accompanied by sour cherries, your Meretrix is eager to serve.

Meretrix will make her debut at a bottle release party at the Avery Tap Room and Barrel-Aging Cellars at 5PM on Saturday, July 16th. We’ve instituted a number of new policies to ensure that all in attendance have a remarkably fun and positively memorable experience!

Numerous Tap Room servers will be on hand to serve guests–in the line–as they wait. We’ll also have our 10-tap kegerator full of small-batch and barrel-aged oddities from the tap room like Eremita (our Tap Room only sour blend), Dry-Hopped IPA, Mai Rye Bock etc.

A DJ will be spinning an eclectic mix of tunes for the crowds.

Once a substantial line has formed, our staff will be giving tickets–each good for the purchase of 1 bottle of Meretrix–to those in line. The number of tickets we hand out will be EXACTLY the number of bottles that we have to sell. This way, if you show up late you will know immediately whether you are in time to get bottles.

Limit of 4 bottles per customer. First come, first served.

CASH ONLY! CASH ONLY! We will have an ATM on site in case anyone forgets this advice. Note that the cash only rule will make the whole process MUCH faster for all involved!

55 cases for sale = 1320 bottles = 4 bottles per customer = 330 customers who get Meretrix (assuming all purchase the 4 bottle limit). Please plan accordingly.

The beers in our Barrel-Aged Series are a celebration of the passion and effort that our brewers put into Avery beers, and we want the release of these beers to be equally fun! Please show up ready to taste, socialize and share great beers with great friends! We hope to continue the party well into the night!

Meretrix Stats:
Barrel-Aged Sour Ale. Aged in Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels with sour cherries. 83 cases produced – 55 sold. 28 Hoarded. 9.62%abv Bottled in June, 2011.