Alexis Ford, Darenzia and Stoya in Howard Stern’s “World’s Strongest Naked Woman” Contest (PICS)

The week after The Howard Stern Show had yet another shortened 3-day work week, they came out of the gate swinging. This morning, Howard held another one of his “contests” in which hot women compete… naked. As always, we have some pics of each of them right here so you can take a look at some safe for work images while you listen to the broadcast.

Penthouse Pets Alexis Ford, Darenzia and Stoya all were in studio to perform feats of strength while totally nude in hopes to win the title “World’s Strongest Naked Woman”. In the pre-interview stage of the competition, each girl told stories about her career as well as their sexual escapades.

Alexis Ford was actually on the show before and was crowned Miss Howard TV of September 2009. You can see our previous gallery of her here. Darenzia is mostly a fetish model, per her description, and just had a three way with a guy and his wife last night. Last, but not least, was Stoya, whose big story during the interview was that she dated Marilyn Manson.

Here are pics of each of the girls that competed. Click any images below to see the full-sized, HQ image. Alexis is on the top row, Darenzia in the middle and Stoya is on the bottom… sounds like a great sandwich:

The girls competed and each had their strong suit when it came to the feats of strength such as push-ups and pull-ups, but it was Stoya who emerged victorious in the end and was crowned Howard Stern’s “World’s Strongest Naked Woman”.

Stoya was crowned to Queen’s We are the Champions and awarded $5,000.

After the winner was crowned, the girls started getting hot for each other and Alexis and Stoya started making out… so everybody wins!