Chris Hansen Is Caught Cheating On Video Tape With News Anchor Kristyn Caddell (Pics + Video)

The National Enquirer is reporting that The King of the Didler Sting Chris Hansen was busted cheating by his wife. It is reported that 53 year old Mary Hansen setup a camera and busted Chris in the same manner he catches perverts. There is now word yet if she offered Chris cookies and sweet tea after the bust.

Is seems the CATCH A PREDATOR host was cheating with a woman young enough to be his daughter. That woman is Kristin Caddell, a news anchor at NBC affiliate WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fla.

We tried to find more on this young lady but not even Wikipedia would serve up any dirt on her. It seems Kristyn Caddel is about as plain vanilla as it gets. No bikini shots, no nude photos not a glimmer of scandal. The naked truth is this chick is pretty boring. The most exciting thing she has done in her life is bang Chris Hansen. We think that is pretty sad.

We have reached out to Chris Hansen’s people but have not heard anything back from them yet. Our big questions are was the sex pretty straight forward or did Mr. Hansen “take a seat”? Are there any XXX chat transcripts? Did Chris Hansen bring wine coolers and condoms? For now we have to wait for the answer to those questions.

Until then here are some pictures of Kristyn Caddell the most generic blond on the planet.

And here is the link to the video