Ashton Kutcher Continues to Show Us The Stupid

Hey @villagevoice I only PLAYED stupid on TV.

Twitter maven Ashton Kutcher and his self important wife Demi Moore have taken on a cause. They have started a self-named foundation, the DNA Foundation (Demi and Ashton). The sole cause of this foundation is to stop the human-trafficking of young girls. While we all agree that the exploitation of children is wrong, Ashton has taken his cause to the next level – bordering on harassment.

The first campaign of the DNA foundation was to launch the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” psa series. These commercials showed some of Demi and Ashton’s Hollywood friends doing manly things with the closing tag but real men don’t buy girls. I would call this a noble thing to do.

Here is where the stupid comes in. Demi and Ashton based all of their campaigns on the fact that  100,000 to 300,000 children in America are sexually trafficked every year. Ashton then went on to blame the online personals of the Village Voice  for facilitating this traffic.

The sad truth is – the study that Ashton and Demi got these numbers from was not based on how many kids were involved in human trafficking. The study’s numbers are based on how many kids could be at risk to fall to prostitution. The actual number seems to be around 800 kids per year in America are involved in prostitution. While that number is 800 kids too high it is nowhere near the epidemic Ashton Kutcher has been screaming about. Demi and Ashton based their whole Real Men campaign on grossly incorrect data. This did not slow down Ashton.

Ashton went on a Twitter tirade harassing all of the major advertisers of the Village Voice including American Airlines and Dominos.  He went after @AmericanAir – are you aware that you are advertising on a site that supports the Sale of Human Beings (slavery)? To my surprise American Airline tweeted back @AmericanAir –> Heads up: Ads should be down w/in the hour. Blank ads are being served for now.

Great move Assbag. Now whoever has the American Air account at the Village Voice will have trouble paying their mortgage this month, based on your incorrect research. Times are rough enough for hard working Americans. Now some ad salesperson that has absolutely nothing to do with human trafficking takes a financial hit based on your holy than thou attitude and incorrect research.

Ashton’s tweeted Hey @villagevoice I’m just getting started!!!!!!!! BTW I only PLAYED stupid on TV. But didn’t he launch a multimillion campaign  based on the data from one hypothetical study. Ashton didn’t look at any other data he grabbed these numbers and ran with it. Ashton and Demi produced a television special about human trafficking and quoted these numbers throughout the show. Then used that data to take food off of the tables of innocent Americans.

You know what Ashton, that is pretty stupid. You and Demi are not Bill and Melinda Gates, take a look at the process involved in the Gates picking philanthropic causes. It is amazing. The Gates don’t just run with every number they hear in a barroom conversation . That is why Bill Gates will never have to tweet us that he isn’t stupid.