An Open Message To All Justin Bieber Haters (Video)

This little acne covered fat kid has to be rocking a 80 IQ. He lays it on the line for all people hating on the Beebs. This video from our friends at shows this Beiber fan that drops more F bombs than DMX. He promises to send all Justin Bieber haters to jail, hack their websites and even have some killed. He loses credibility when he starts crying like a little bitch at the end of the video. Then again isn’t that what Justin Bieber would do?

With that in mind we her at TMR are guilty of a little Justin Bieber hating ourselves. It is not jealousy of Justin Bieber’s success as this nut claims. We just think Justin Bieber is a little douche. When news broke of Justin Bieber working with mega -douche Ashton Kutcher we named it The Douchepocalypse.

Justin Bieber has no veritable music talent, He is annoying as fuck and he is Canadian. Three strikes and you are out Beebs.

So it looks like all other Jusin Beiber haters we are fucked in two weeks and will be suspended from YouTube, hacked or killed. I suggest you folks get a last look at our Babe of the Moment videos on our YouTube page before they are pulled.

If my trailer is found burnt to the ground and I go missing please point the authorities in this kids direction.