UbiSoft Initiates Used Games Online Fee

Ubisoft Entertainment SA (Public, EPA:UBI) has confirmed that it will be utilizing its own online pass system to combat used game sales just as Electronic Arts and others have. The pass will cost $9.99 for US gamers to play online multiplayer with previously owned games.

The first game to use what the company is calling UPlay Passport will be Driver: San Francisco. In order for players to enjoy online multiplayer, the system will ask players to enter a code included with all new retail versions of the game in order to access the title’s multiplayer modes. If the code is ineligible, the player will have to purchase a new Uplay Passport code from Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store.

Ubisoft stated that the system will be used for “many of Ubisoft’s popular core games”. No price for regions outside the US has been given yet.

Driver: San Francisco will be released in NA on August 30, and in Europe September 2.

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