The Basics of Fat Burning Supplements

Fat burning supplements are a great way to safely accelerate the weight loss process. There are a number of good products on the market which approach the fat loss process from different pathways. We broke them down in simple terms below to help you pick the best option to support your fat loss efforts.

Lipotropics: Theoretically, lipotropics don’t burn fat. But what they can do is motivate your liver to expedite the flow of bile and fat from the gall bladder while reducing the amount of fat deposited. So rather than being stored as simple sugars, fat can be used to produce readily available energy. Lipotropics include products like BioRhythm Olio, MSI Liposlim and Intek CLA/ L-Carnitine.

Starch Inhibitors: Some of the most popular starch inhibitors are standardized bean extracts from Phaseolus vulgaris. They work by inhibiting the activity of alpha amylase, the digestive enzyme in charge of shuttling the hundreds of complex carbohydrates from your super-sized #3 to your stomach, legs and rear.

Starch inhibitors prevent carbs from being utilized by normal metabolic processes, allowing them to be swept away to toilet heaven.

Solid products in this category include Irwin Naturals 3 in 1 Carb Blocker and BSN Cheaters.

Thermogenics: By definition, thermogenic translates to “creating heat”. And where there’s heat, there’s hope. They work by stimulating and speeding up the bodies metabolic processes. This ultimately affects how many calories the body is able to use in the production of energy. Thermogenic formulas usually contain supplements such as7oxo DHEA, Bitter Orange, Guarana, Geranium extract and a long list of others.

Among the best thermogenics are Intek Thermogenic, MSI Diet Revolution, and BioRhythm Adrenalean.

Cortisol Suppressors: Judging by today’s high stress, road rage-centric way of life, it’s a miracle that we all don’t weigh in somewhere above the 300 lb range. When you get stressed, be it from exercise, bar brawls or being chased by your boss with a machete, your body releases a stress-induced catabolic hormone called cortisol. Not only does it have an influence on how much fat you store, it can also leave you depressed, sluggish and unmotivated. Supplements such as phosphatidyl serine help balance how much cortisol your body releases after stressful situation.

To reduce cortisol and keep your body from storing fat try NOW Foods phosphatidyl serine, BioRhythm Relax and Chill or BioRhythm Synthrolean.

Essential Fatty Acids: We haven’t become such a grossly obese nation because we’re eating too much fat. It’s because we’re not eating enough. At least, not enough good fat. Yes, there is such a thing as good fat. And without it, your body becomes prone to storing the overwhelming amounts of saturated fats you scarf down on a daily basis. Mono and polyunsaturated fats (especially the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and -6) actually make it possible for your body to utilize the total fat from your diet more effectively, provided that you’re getting them in balance.

For fat loss purposes try BioRhythm Olio, or MSI Liposlim both of which use the ideal blend of EFA’s with CLA and other potent ingredients for mobilizing stubborn body fat.

Appetite Suppressants: Do you have an appetite that just won’t stop? If so, it’s more than likely you’re struggling to have success with weight loss since you can’t stop eating! Many people deal with this issue, not only because of a high physiological hunger, but also because of psychological factors at work with our appetite. Ever walk through the food court in the mall and find yourself feeling slightly hungry? Odd how you were not hungry beforehand.

Appetite suppressants typically have some level of stimulants in them so make sure you understand your tolerance to stimulants before choosing a product. Some of the best in this group are MSI Diet Revolution, Rocket Fuel, and Intek Fat Burner Evolution.

Thyroid Regulating Fat Burners: For other individuals, their thyroid may not be producing enough of the hormones to keep their metabolism working at an effective rate. When this happens, a slowed metabolism results, often accompanied by a weight gain, feelings of fatigue, and feeling cold all the time. Thyroid regulating fat burners serve to fix this issue by supplying the two main substances that the thyroid would normally produce, guggulsterone and forskolin. They also often contain a combination of other ingredients that help to increase the metabolic rate and keep the thyroid working effectively.

Best in class products for optimizing thyroid performance include BioRhythm Synthrolean, Tri Pharm Incinerate, and Ultra Lean FX from BioRhythm.

Dominick Walsh is a blogger for Performance Nutrition and and covers all men’s health topics and exercise issues including protein powders, diets, weight loss, weight lifting supplements, fat burners and supplement reviews. Dominick’s columns cover everything you need to know about your pre, during and post workout nutrition.