Hope Solo’s Nipples Seem To Be Bigger News Than The 2011 Women’s World Cup Itself

A Reddit user named samdman was quick to notice ESPN photoshopped Hope Solo’s erect nipple in a photo posted on ESPN.com this week. The photo in question can seen below edited and unedited, in the unedited version Hope Solo is defiantly smuggling raisins. The edited ESPN version of the pic is sans nipple. It seems the network doesn’t think nipples are family friendly.

So what is ESPN’s beef with tit pimples? The entertainment network shows 20 weeks of camel toe during the NFL season. ESPN online does spreads on hot college and pro cheerleaders in every sport. But somehow the 22 nipples on the US Women’s Soccer team are inappropriate? We are not talking nip slips or wardrobe malfunctions here. There was no nudity, no one was naked. If Hope Solo was wearing any more clothing she would have been in a burka. Nipples cloth or nude are simply part of a woman’s anatomy…no more threatening than ears, toe or noses.  ESPN needs to relax. No one is going to think they are a XXX porn site.

This also raises the question what else is ESPN editing? I would imaging they air brush Rex Ryan’s erections when he looks at the Jet’s Cheerleader’s feet. They could possibly be photoshopping Tom Brady’s uniforms when he pees himself. And maybe…just maybe Payton Manning’s head really isn’t that big.

I have lost a bit of faith in the reporting of ESPN today. There is only one way ESPN can bring me back into the fold and restore my faith in them. A montage of rock hard nipples and camel toes during today’s USA vs Japan 2011 Women’s World Cup Match. Until then I mourn the integrity of sports journalism on ESPN.

Go Team USA – Bring Home The Cup