Book Giveaway – Chad Kultgen’s Men, Women & Children (Stoya’s Book Club)

To celebrate it’s selection in Stoya’s (Howard Stern’s World Strongest Naked Woman) Book Club, as well as its June 21st release date, the Zoo is giving away THREE copies of the novel Men, Women & Children, by Chad Kultgen, to THREE lucky winners.

Book Synopsis:
Sometimes a novel can challenge our opinion of technology’s impact on human nature. In Chad Kultgen’s Men, Women and Children, his teenage and adult characters interact with each other in curiously intimate ways through text messages, Facebook, My Space and the Internet, where they act out their desires. They begin to develop unsettling attachments to their electronic fantasies all while detaching from the reality of their human relationships. With the dark and intellectual substance of Tom Perrotta’s Little Children and the racy tone of films such as Harmony Korine’s Kids and Todd Solondz’s Welcome to the Dollhouse, Kultgen brings us into the bedrooms, minds and dysfunctional lives of his characters. Taking us on a thorough account of these people’s secret and provocative moments, that leave us looking at our own sexuality in the modern age and what being a “grown up” really means.

“Dark, hilarious, but most of all honest. Men, Women, and Children is an unparalleled snapshot of sexual politics in the age of social networking that reminds me of my first encounters with films like The Graduate and American Beauty.”
-Jason Reitman, Director of Juno and Up in the Air

“Men, Women & Children explores all of the things that most Americans don’t talk about, and in the course of showing what happens when we don’t communicate with each other it deftly exposes how we can be both tender and frightening, moving and bizarre, in one of the most beautiful ways I’ve seen outside of real life.”
-Stoya, American Pornographic Actress and Model

Check out the Men, Women and Children episode of Stoya’s book club in the clip below, also featuring fellow pornstar Kayden Kross, then enter the contest EVERY DAY during the contest entry period:


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This contest is open to all residents of the U.S. and will close on August 17th, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST.

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