Casey Anthony Nude on the Howard Stern Show? (PICS)

This morning, the Howard Stern Show re-convened after a two-week hiatus, and like usual, some pretty major media events happened while the show was dark. Howard quickly covered what happened in their absence, including one incident that you may or may not have heard about… the Casey Anthony not-guilty verdict.

Howard mentioned that Casey Anthony is a huge fan of the show and wanted to come in and be interviewed. He was torn by the offer, mentioning there is no possible way that she didn’t commit that despicable act, and he didn’t want to be party to it… but then he thought he could draw the truth out of her and make her admit the murder right on the air.


If she were to be on the Howard Stern Show, you’d have to wonder if she we would see Casey Anthony nude or not, like so many girls before her have. At the very least T-O-P-L-E-S-S. What does she have to lose? Would she be afraid it would tarnish her crystal clean image? Taking it a step further, would she ride the Sybian sex machine? Stay tuned to the Howard Stern Show to find out if this interview opportunity ever materializes.

In the meantime, here are a few previews of what COULD be…

While I pride myself on my Photoshop skills, the images above were not doctored… short of blurring out the girly parts. They are all of Penthouse Pet Cassia Riley during a previous appearance on the Stern Show. I thought the resemblance was striking. It’s more than enough to give some of you sick effers some spank material.

Howard continued to discuss how the jury really should have found Casey guilty, but we are so jaded by television shows like CSI and the like that people are waiting for something amazing to prove without a doubt, short of showing a video, that someone committed a murder.

He went on to talk about how women kill their kids everyday in this country but no one is taking up the crusades of the children in all those other cases. “The only reason people care is because she’s hot.”