Lady Gaga is Brought to Tears on the Howard Stern Show (PICS + VIDEO)

I’m sure you have read this headline and thought to yourself, “What did that asshole Howard Stern do now to make Lady Gaga cry?” Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. This morning, after his return-from-vacation Casey Anthony rants, Howard Stern hosted music icon Lady Gaga in the studio in what was a pre-planned, but unpublicized visit and interview.

It was a great segment on the show with Howard once again conducting an amazing interview, asking both insightful mainstream questions, but throwing in the sexual lines of questioning he has become known for. Gaga answered most of the questions in great detail and simply said she wasn’t going to answer the ones she didn’t feel comfortable answering. The two entertainment icons discussed their mutual admiration for each other and Lady Gaga talked about how she is a Stern fan and was not allowed to watch his TV show back in the day, so she stayed up to catch the after-hours replay once her parents were asleep.


Lady Gaga finished up her visit by singing two stripped down versions of her songs Edge of Glory and Hair where she accompanied her singing only with her own piano playing. The performance was amazing and Stern admitted it was one of, if not the best live performance he has ever had in-studio. Everyone in the studio was moved.

As for the tears… before Gaga left, Howard let show staffer “High Pitch” Mike Morales come in and say a few words. For those unfamiliar with the show, Morales admitted to being gay live on the air in recent years. He said to Gaga, “When I hear your songs, I think about the people who have been kicked out of their homes, who have thought about slitting their wrists, who you’ve saved lives. Whether you know it or not, you’re changing the world…the fact that you’re here with Howard today is changing my life.” Gaga welled up and responded, “Wow. Well, you just changed mine too.”

Below is a preview of the interview, which will air on Howard TV:

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