What The Hell Is Wrong With Ashton Kutcher’s Penis?

CBS has unveiled a new Two and a Half Men ad that is as strange as the circumstances surrounding the change in the show’s line up. As you can see the new ad shows the three stars of the show are standing naked behind a sign. The weird part is Jon Cryer is staring bizarrely at Ashton Kutcher’s penis.

I am guessing this is supposed to imply Ashton is hung like a horse. By the look on Cryer’s face is could also mean the opposite. The look on the face of Alan Harper is one of of contempt and disgust. Maybe Ashton Kutcher has a Prince Albert piercing? Shaved pubes? Who knows and who really gives a crap. All will be reveled in a month.

How they will stitch this show back together is beyond me. Chuck Lorre is about to go down in history as the most savvy producer in the history of TV…or the guy who killed the golden goose. It has been leaked that the reboot of Two and A Half Men has Ashton Kutcher’s character buying Charlie Harper’s house after Charlie’s death. How Jake and Alan get to stay in the house is beyond me. It will also be interesting to see how the pissed off Chuck Lorre kills  off Sheen’s character.

Ashton’s character is also going to employee the same housekeeper and retain Charlie’s stocker.I don’t see this working. Two and a Half Men reboot is scheduled to air the same night as Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen. I can guarantee the roast will be ten times funnier.

In other 2 ½ Men news. This week Charlie Sheen was announced as the lead as a new sitcom based on the Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler comedy Anger Management.