Casey Anthony Sighting in Boston Has Been Confirmed With Photo (PIC)

We have heard about Casey Anthony sightings in Columbus Ohio, Phoenix Arizona and I even heard of one report that put her out of the country in Mexico. We have finally received photo evidence of a Casey Antony sighting. She was found today in Boston, MA.

An undocumented day laborer that has asked to remain nameless has seen Casey Anthony in Boston. Well, that is, he has seen the image of Casey Anthony… in his grilled cheese sandwich. Bob Franks, the owner of Hank’s Bar and Grill, heard the day laborer scream out “La madre del infierno”. Franks said “I ran over to see what the guy was screaming about; He is normally a quite guy. That is when I looked down and saw the face of Casey Antony in the grilled cheese sandwich.

Franks then went on to tell us the laborer made the sign of the cross, mumbled something in Spanish and bolted for the door. The sandwich with Casey’s image quickly drew a crowd. Some sobbed, some prayed, a few even tried to destroy the grilled cheese.

Offers are now pouring in for the sandwich. Bob Franks is checking with his lawyer to see if he has legal right to the grilled cheese. The day laborer purchased the grilled cheese but did abandon the sandwich in Hank’s Bar and Grill. Once ownership has been established Bob Franks plans on putting the cursed grilled cheese on Ebay.

When asked if any of the proceeds from the sale of the sandwich would go to charity. Bob Franks replied “all proceeds are going toward a wicked cool jet ski” in an all too thick Boston accent.

Today we have tracked down the sandwich, hopefully soon we will track down the real Casey Anthony.