A Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape is Going Up For Auction in Spain

A “collector” in Spain is claiming he is in possession of a sex tape allegedly featuring Marilyn Monroe. Mikel Barsa says he has a 16mm black and white reel of the deed and plans to start the bidding at £300,000.

After reviewing the scene, “experts” have determined that it is not Marilyn Monroe, claiming that the starlet in the film is not even close. Scott Fortner, who has one of the biggest Marilyn Monroe collections in the world, says, “That’s not Marilyn. The chin is not the same, the lips are not the same, the teeth are not the same,” “Marilyn was a tiny little thing. And I know that for a fact. I own her clothing.”

Still, Barsa is insisting that the sex tape is authentic and it was filmed before Monroe shot to stardom and still using the name Norma Jean Baker, but was still carrying a few extra pounds. He plans to hold the auction, which he is organizing himself, in Buenos Aires, where he screened the film in question to small crowd almost 15 years ago.

The Monroe estate threatened to sue Barsa back in ’97, but he said he hadn’t heard anything about the suit after he offered to sell the tape to the estate at the time.

It’s been almost 50 years now since Marilyn died… and she still can’t rest in peace.