New Morley Effects Loop Corrector Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Effects

Morley, makers of Wahs, Volume and switching devices announced the release of their newest product, the Effects Loop Corrector (Model ELC). The Effects Loop Corrector increases the signal in weak FX Loops for more headroom and a fuller sound. Conversely, the Effects Loop Corrector can also lower hot FX loop send signal that cause effect pedals to clip or distort. Basically, it corrects the variations in FX Loops signals that exist from amp to amp.

Morley engineer Scott Flesher states, “We [Morley/Ebtech] have always been known as a company who comes up with useable solutions to common problems. Our Electro-Optical circuit solved scratchy pots issues, our Switchless Wahs solved the age old problem of using a mechanical switch to turn on/off the Wah, and our Ebtech® products solve all kinds of noise, level and connection type issues.” He continues, “The ELC is just another in a long line of our products that solve a common problem. All guitarists are looking for the best tone possible; the ELC is one more way to get closer to that goal.”

The ELC is housed in a cold-rolled steel housing to withstand regular gigging abuse. It is also passive (no power required) and contains audiophile quality step up/step down isolation transformers. An internal ground reference switch ensures ground matching on all effects whether pedal or rack format. It also comes with Morley’s standard two year warranty. Shipping now!

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price is $110.00.