Playboy’s Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s Former Fiance, On the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Playboy Playmate, and the girl who became famous for leaving Hugh Hefner at the altar, Crystal Harris, stopped by to chat with the crew. Who else would you want to conduct this interview other than Howard Stern?

Howard got right to the important line of questioning and found out that Crystal and Hef only tried to have sex once and she only put up with it for “2 seconds” before she left the room before he came. There wasn’t even full penetration. She never saw Hef naked in the two and a half years they were together.

Despite leaving Hef, Crystal is still on tour with the other girls promoting Playboy, which led to some speculation on the wrap-up show about whether the whole break-up was staged reality TV or not. Whatever the case is, you’re probably just here to put some safe for work pics to Crystal’s voice… so here you go:

You can follow Crystal on twitter at @crystalharris. Yes, guys, she like to Tweet hot pics of herself. Check out to see when the full, uncensored interview will air on Stern’s On Demand channel and for how long.