Albert Haynesworth is Actually a Pretty Nice Guy

When Albert Haynesworth isn’t trying to stomp on center’s heads, “allegedly” knocking up strippers or kicking teammates in the chest he is actually a pretty good guy. Seriously, I don’t see how this headcase of a player is going to fit into the Patriots defensive scheme or team culture. Love then or hate them The New England Patriots run a class organization. Stunts like Hayensworth’s will not be tolerated by the Kraft family. Most of us are concentrating on the recent antics of Albert Haynesworth in Washington but Al’s troubles go back much further.

Albert Haynesworth had a stellar college career that catapulted him to the 15th pick in the 2002 draft. It was not soon after that Albert Haynesworth’s stripes began to show. At training camp in 2003 Albert Haynesworth kicked teammate center Justin Hartwig in the chest. Haynesworth was so filled with rage he had to be restrained by his teammates. In 2006 there was the incident where Albert Haynesworth stomped on the head of downed Cowboys center Andre Gurode causing a gash to the head that required 30 stitches. Dan Koppen better watch out I think Albert has a problem with centers.

Most recently Albert Haynesworth has been battling with banks and strippers both filling lawsuits to get payments. Albert Haynesworth will be bringing this circus to town this fall in Foxboro MA. If Bill Belichick can turn this nightmare around…put him in Canton now. Unfortunately for Bill and New England Patriots they are in for a season of headaches with Albert Haynesworth, a lot of them being of the 15 yard variety.

Albert Haynesworth is described as a high risk, high reward player. Neither of his last two teams reaped any reward. Nor will the New England Patriots. I hope Robert Kraft has Al Davis on speed dial.