Casey Anthony Caught on Film Knocking Back a Beer

We have had Casey Anthony sightings all over the country. Phoenix Arizona, Columbus Ohio even a Boston MA sighting in a grilled cheese sandwich. It seems the last place anyone has seen her is Orlando Florida boarding a private plane with a bottle of Corona. TMZ is reporting that there is footage of Casey Anthony boarding the plane and her lawyers are shopping it.

Casey Anthony hit the bottle minutes after being released from jail … TMZ has learned.

TMZ has seen video of Casey getting off a private jet in Florida, hours after she ended her stint behind bars. The video shows Casey holding a half-empty Corona beer bottle.

Casey is smiling as she deplanes. Her former lawyer, Todd Macaluso, is also on board. At one point Casey is heard saying, “I concur” — a little legalese she probably picked up from her legal team.

There are no takers for this footage but there are still offers out there for Casey. A porn company has floated the idea of her doing a XXX porn film. Seeing she has no other marketable skills I think we will be seeing Casey Anthony naked on film very soon. It may start off with nude photos in a softer format, but our guess is she will be on film performing hardcore sex acts sooner than later.

The only question left is what is she going to do with the beer bottle?

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