Last Night on Hell’s Kitchen, the Blue Team Wins Again, and Again

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen, the show started like the three shows that preceded this one: with the Red team in the dorm, pointing the finger at each other and blaming each other for the previous service loss.  This is getting old.  I’m starting to hope the Blue Team loses a service just for a change of pace.

Elise quickly came to the realization that she had no friends in the house.  After last week’s quick straw vote where Chef Gordon Ramsey asked each of the females who they would rather see gone, her or her nemesis, Carrie, and almost all of them chose her, she quickly saw the writing on the wall.  I wonder if she’s this much of an A-hole out in the real world.  And if so, why hasn’t she gotten her scrawny ass kicked from one side of Pittsburgh to the other?

In the morning, the chefs? had the privilege of watching two chefs from MOTO do some pretty cool tricks for them with food.  Like make an orange creamsicle using oranges, sound waves, and liquid nitrogen.  Of course that’s the kind of awesome stuff they do at Chicago’s MOTO, where ultra high sensory perception with food is their stock in trade.  This led them to their next challenge using just fire and water.  Poaching, steaming, and boiling.  They had six proteins to choose from.  Veal, lobster, filet mignon, eggs, etc…

Monterray, AKA Time Challenged, had no clue what he was doing.  With only 8 minutes to go in the challenge, he still hadn’t appeared to have made anything.

As each contestant judged each of their own team’s dishes, they had to choose three to present to Chef Ramsey.  Elise immediately dropped Carrie’s as not being good enough to present. No surprise there.

TC went up against Elisabeth.  His eggs benedict over prawns were a mess, but Elisabeth’s prawns were no better.  Ramsey called Carrie’s dish over and chose it over Elisabeth’s.  Sadly, the Red Team gets no points for this.  Serves Elise right for being such an ass.

Tommy served chicken leg and breast at the same time and told Ramsey that he doesn’t’ really think when he does things, he just does them.  I think all the ink from his multitude of tats has gone to his brains.  This guy is IQ points deficient.  With Chino (TC2) now gone, Tommy is now the dumbest guy on the Blue Team.

At the end of the challenge, it was 2-2 with the veal dishes still to go.  Krupa went up against Natalie.  Natalie’s looked like cat food, and Krupa’s didn’t look much better, but Krupa’s tasted like beef stew.  Ramsey said it tasted fantastic, but it wasn’t veal.  It was filet mignon, and he was pissed about it.  So while no team got the point to win the challenge, he gave the win to the Blue Team because of Krupa’s huge mistake and that over the course of 45 minutes, no one caught it.

While the Blue Team enjoyed an afternoon at a spa, full treatment, the Red Team stayed behind and cleaned the front fountain of Hell’s Kitchen, and got both kitchens prepped for dinner service.

As dinner service started, the Red Team started getting their appetizers out pretty quickly, but started having some difficulties and it continued for quite a while.  They couldn’t send out risotto, spaghetti, or anything else.  It seemed that anything they touched was doomed for failure.

In the Blue kitchen, they pushed their apps out pretty fast and were already working on entrees, but Jonathon started having some time problems with his timing.  What is it with this team and timing? Someone, anyone, should get a watch.

Back in the Red kitchen, Krupa sent up raw spaghetti the first time.  Then the second time she sent up a pan of sauce with hardly any spaghetti in it.  That was it for Ramsey.  She was his first casualty of the night, but certainly not his last.

Meanwhile, in the Blue kitchen, TC couldn’t figure out that the marbling in the middle of the Beef Wellington meant that it still wasn’t cooked.  Hmm, haven’t these people cooked before?

Tommy wanted to be noted that he was making things perfect for himself.  Meanwhile, Ramsey asked him 14 times when the cod was going to be ready and when he finally answered him, it was not the answer Ramsey was looking for.  It held his team back by several minutes.  Not the way to be noted.

After TC overcooked his Wellington (this was after undercooking the first one) because Tommy wasn’t talking to him, and Tommy overcooking his cod, Ramsey had enough of both of them as well and tossed them out too.

Next, Ramsey tosses Gina and Elise from the Red Kitchen, although to be honest, I’m really not even sure why, or if he even needs a reason at this point.  They went back up to the dorm and screamed at each other.  Krupa told Elise that she just needs to shut up and listen to people for a change.  That was the best thing I heard this whole hour.

At the end of the service, Ramsey told both teams that they need to go select 2 people for him to choose one to send home.

The Blue Team seemed be leaning toward selecting Tommy.  The Red Team went to their typical finger pointing, except for Gina who said “we are all guilty of not communicating tonight.”  She should have received an automatic 2-week exemption just for this.

Back in front of Ramsey, the Blue Team put up TC and Tommy.  The Red Team put up Krupa because of the challenge and her problems with appetizers.  Actually one of the most reasonable things they’ve done since the show started.  Their second nominee was Elise because of her failure to communicate.  Elise said she wasn’t the weakest, but Gina was.  Krupa said her last 24 hours was her lowest and also said Gina was the weakest.  Tommy said he made a mistake but he wasn’t giving up, and he sure sounded convincing to me.  TC said he was great cook and wasn’t giving up.  I think his was just lip service at this point, hoping that Gordon believed him.

As it turned out, it didn’t really matter.  Chef Ramsey agreed with Elise and Krupa and pulled Gina out of line and gave her the boot.  He told her that she was weak and didn’t fight back.  I don’t know when he is going to realize what damage Elise is doing to this team and finally gets rid of her.  She is a major problem and he better take care of it before one of the other chefs? does.  On the Blue Team, TC has got to go.  He is dragging the team down with his inability to keep up with the rest of the group.  Ramsey needs to see the light soon and get rid of the dead weight.