Howard Stern’s Robin Quivers Cries Racism on Captain America

Even though they are on their seventh vacation week in the past month, the staff of the Howard Stern Show will not be silenced! If you follow any of the crew on Twitter, you’d know that last weekend Richard Christy had a wedding that all but Howard attended. This week, it is longtime anchorwoman Robin Quivers that in the news, this time calling the Captain America summer blockbuster “racist.”

Well, to be honest, I would never have known about the article unless the “Howard 100 News” team didn’t report on it during the replay shows this week while they are on hiatus again. As always, the staff had their varied opinions on Robin’s Huffington Post blog.

Yes, the Captain America movie is racist… according to Robin’s article. Not because a particular race is left out of the cast, but because the creators tried so hard to work EVERY race and sex into the “Captain America” team. Robin goes on to point out that Captain America has not changed much in his 70-year history, he is still a propaganda mechanism. Her issue is that the movie, which centers around combating Nazi Germany, ignores America’s tainted history with regards to race and gender and simply paints a pretty picture of America’s racial (and sexual) harmony in the 1940’s.

Based on the staff comments I heard earlier, I was expecting to read something ridiculous, but Robin had some veryy valid points. I’ve been aggravated myself at times when Hollywood has revised history in order to jerk their audiences off.

Most of the Stern cast members had the similar opinion… “it’s a superhero movie, Robin, let it go”.

You can read Robin’s full article at and follow her on Twitter at @rqui. I’m sure Howard will weigh in on Monday… if their current vacation is over by then.