Sirius Infighting Between Howard Stern and Andrea Lowell of Playboy Radio (PICS)

You would think that another week of vacation would sooth the savage breast of Howard Stern, but he returned to find out two pieces of information that thoroughly aggravated him. The first was that a local radio station in Georgia was airing the in-studio Lady Gaga performance on the Stern Show and didn’t even give credit for it. That would normally be enough to charge Howard up, but he took even greater exception to comments made by one of the hosts on Playboy Radio… a sister station on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Playboy Radio had adult film star and former goddess Bree Olson on and she had mentioned in the interview that she said a little more than she would have liked in the Stern interview and felt more comfortable on Playboy (on which she graces the current cover). Playboy host Andrea Lowell jumped right in and responded similar to, “that’s because we’re not assholes.” Stern took great exception for several reasons, and he obviously did not hold back from elaborating…

For one, he said that Playboy Radio, and Sirius in general, would not exist without him. Secondly, he wasn’t going to accept “radio” criticisms from someone who is currently on radio solely for “showing her snatch.” It wasn’t enough to leave it at that, he went on to say that he was in the epic class of radio personlities while Andrea was not even on the radar for the top class of women who “show their snatch”.

We’re really not here to report on the story, we’re here to show you some pics. When you hear “showed her snatch” on the Stern show, the first thing you usually do is Google the name. Here are some Andrea Lowell pics from around the web:

I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this fued… if we can even call it that. I’d report on the Playboy radio response, but the Howard Stern Show is all I ever listen to on Sirius. Sorry.