Pope Crisco: Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan Nut-Brown Ale

Hola, Well, it has been a full week as a Texan again, and things are plodding along as best as to be expected in the current state of the economy. A few callbacks have been received from various employers, and with a little luck those will turn into a paycheck or two soon.

As a primer for a dinner with my brother and my sister in law, and, well, just to be lazy on a Sunday afternoon, I am enjoying a bottle of Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan nut-brown ale, brewed in Kilh, Mississippi.

The color of the “smooth and sweet, English style ale” is a dark reddish brown hue. Although a significant head formed after an aggressive pour, any semblance of carbonation dissipated rather quickly.

Nose of this beer is sweet, syrupy, and somewhat reminiscent of cola.

The first sip opens with sweetness and a carbonation that, despite the lack of a visual indication of such, somewhat stings the palate. Bright citrus notes without bitterness open on the tongue, and then a very deep, sweet pecan flavor. Unfortunately on the back end an unpleasant alcohol aftertaste develops quite quickly that destroys what limited enjoyment could be found in the beverage.

In my opinion I would pass on this beer. Abita Brewing out of Louisiana produces their own Pecan Ale that is much more rounded and available, not to mention I am sure other breweries also produce another variant that has the potential to be better than the offering from Lazy Magnolia.