Kathy Griffin On Conan O’Brien Discussing Topless Photos (PICS)

Our logs are reporting some high search engine traffic for the string “Kathy Griffin Topless”. As we soon found out, Kathy was on the Conan O’Brian Show last night talking about said topless pics… among other things.

Most of her time was spent “discussing” Michele Bachmann and her recent interactions with her. Conan moved on to talking about her love of dating younger men and then eventually put up a censored version of the topless pic, where Kathy was photographed in just a small bikini bottom. The two comedians then re-created the pose in the picture shown of a topless Kathy and a passer-by.

If you are looking for the pics, we reported on them as they first surfaced back in March. You can see our full gallery of the six uncensored topless pics in our original post.

Kathy’s appearance was a pretty good one if you are a Kathy Griffin fan. She seems to be one of those “love her or hate her” celebrities so I’m sure your opinion of her topless photos will fall across those lines as well. Kathy is a a big Twitter fan and she can be followed at @kathygriffin.