PGA Champ Keegan Bradley is Invited to NYC by Rick’s Cabaret Dancers (PICS)

Being a member of the PGA tour has certainly opened up many doors for rookie Keegan Bradley. Winning a major on your very first attempt opens up even more doors. Winning the PGA Championship apparently opens up the BEST doors as you will soon find out.

The girls at Rick’s Cabaret, the famous tri-level gentlemen’s club, have been heavily campaigning for Keegan Bradley to come to their New York City location and celebrate his championship. The girls promise him a “night he will never forget.” Wow.

The girls had plenty so say to Bradley…

“It’s awesome that he won, and we appreciate his accomplishment. I personally can’t wait to take my clothes off and give him the greatest lap dance he ever got,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alexandra.

“I can tell that Keegan wants to let loose and really party,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly. “And we’re experts at that.”

“We get celebrities and athletes here all the time. We know how to please them. Keegan will love me and all the hot girls here. I guarantee it,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Elise.

“I don’t really know much about golf, but I think he’s cute,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina.

“Tell him to bring the Wanamaker Trophy,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Erica. “We will drink some champagne out of it with him,” she suggested.

Now imagine the girls below saying those statements above to you. Click any of the thumbnail images below to see the full-sized version:

Dad, is there any better motivation to get you son into golf ASAP? Strippers love golfers… now we know how Tiger got into so much trouble.