Lindsay Lohan Smuggled Raisins into Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

The interwebs are abuzz about Lindsay Lohan’s low cut dress she wore to Kim Kardashian’s Wedding. It seems it is the same dress Pippa Middleton wore to the Royal wedding …Lindsay’s body took to it a bit different. Unlike Pippa Middleton, Lindsay Lohan is swinging a serious set of breasts.

Not only did the neckline on the dress plunge a bit more on Lindsay Lohan but Lindsay has serious glass cutters going on. I don’t know if it was chilly in California on Sunday but Lindsay Lohan’s nipples are harder than Chinese arithmetic. I am surprised they didn’t slice right through the gown. That was a nip slip or wardrobe malfunction in the making. 

It only makes us wonder what got Lindsay so worked up. Maybe Justin Beiber walked by and she thought he was a cute little butch chick? Or she could have been checking out the bride to be. Kim Kardashian did look pretty good in her wedding dress.

I guess we will never know. For the record Lindsay Lohan owns that dress. Pippa Middleton need not ever put it on again.  One can only imagine how many guys got shut down on Sunday trying to bring Lindsay over to our team.