Rihanna and Rapper J Cole Allegedly Star in Sex Tape Together

Here we go again. Yes, another one.

MediaTakeOut is reporting from an anonymous source that there is an alleged sex tape starring pop sensation Rihanna and rapper J Cole. It is currently up for grabs to the highest bidder. To ensure the crap detectors didn’t filter this news right away, the anonymous source sent them screen caps of the video, and the participants in the video strongly resembled Rihanna and J Cole.

To further reinforce the authenticity of said “tape”, most recently J Cole’s cell phone went missing and he admitted it in this tweet

To the girl in the front row with the white shirt and pink bra. Before I put this footage online of you stealin my phone out my pocket lol

Rihanna and J Cole were on tour together earlier in the year so there are way too many coincidences to totally rule this sex tape out as a possibility. The first thought I had when hearing about the tape was that it happened a few hears ago, coinciding with the time that one of the alleged sex tape participants was smacked around by her boyfriend… not named J Cole. All sources point to it being a more recent session though.

Stay tuned for more info as we receive it.

UPDATE: According to Radar Online, Hustler has possession of the sex tape but it is unknown what they plan to do with it yet.