A Look at What The Cast Of Twilight Breaking Dawn Will Look Like In The Future

We put a lot of work into this project. We consulted with talent agents, psychics and the best forensic artists. Our goal was to look into the future of the cast of Twilight Breaking Dawn. We wanted to know what the cast of Twilight Breaking Dawn would look like in the future. What we found is amazing.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will go their separate in the future. It seems Robert Pattinson will find work in New York. We asked our Psychic for more info and from what she was able to see Rpatz will most likely be driving a NYC Taxi in 10 years. The Psychic said that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would do a failed sitcom together that will bomb after 3 short weeks. At that point that talentless couple will part ways.

The Psychic went on to tell us that after losing his money to a killer gambling habit Robert Pattinson will have a few direct to DVD roles, a few cameos on Nickelodeon and ultimately he will end up driving tourists around the island of Manhattan and spending his free time at Off Track Betting parlors.

Our Psychic told us that Kristen Stewart will have a short career in porn until she becomes so unattractive she can no longer be cast even in skin flicks. At that point she will do fetish and bizarre webcasts on the internet live from her trailer in West Virginia. The clairvoyant added Kristen Stewart will make side cash working bachelor parties at the Wellsburg West Virginia VFW.

Our talent agents told us unless there is a Lavagirl and Sharkboy II there is no way Taylor Lautner will be working in 10 years. Our tarot reader did not see a life of squalor for Taylor Lautner as they did Kristen Stewart. Our soothsayer saw Taylor Lautner still living in Hollywood and still working. The fortune teller did say Taylor Lautner would lose his  Twilight money in a ponzi scheme. The psychic said she had a strong feeling Taylor Lautner would amass a second fortune “giving comfort” to rich older gentlemen.

So that is what our research tells us. It is not an exact science but it seems after Twilight Breaking Dawn II is in the can this talentless trio is hitting the downward spiral.

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