Pope Crisco: Irish Channel Stout by NOLA Brewing Company

Well, it’s the last day in August, and tomorrow this blogger will begin a series of Texas craft and micro brew reviews. Right now I have the products of 3 different breweries, and about 7 different varieties. That number should begin to increase steadily since I have been working diligently to empty as much beer as possible from the chill chest every night.

Tonight though, I have opened a bomber of NOLA Brewing Company’s Irish Channel Stout. Being brewed in New Orleans, and less than a day’s travels from brewery to my lips, I would consider this beer to be somewhat local. But as it is still not a beer brewed in the state, it must be consumed before I put my head to a pillow this evening.

Poured out into an imperial pint glass, no subtle brown hues are to be seen at the elixirs edges, which are truly black as should be expected from a stout. A nice, thick cappuccino head forms without much work, and exhibited a moderate amount of staying power before dissolving to a penny’s width.

The nose was full of malt breadiness with a strong coffee presence and slight hints of nutmeg.

This coffee essence was carried on the tongue as the initial sip was made, bringing a profusion of dark, burnt coffee flavor that was a tad overbearing in its bitterness during the first several sips. This java overload was somewhat tempered and given more depth on the backend by a nice chocolaty warmth, but was not quite balanced enough with the forward flavors of the beer to elevate my impression of it.

With the beer’s flavor profile, all of the ingredients come together to produce what could be a much better if more balance could be found between the bitter and sweet contents of the bottle.


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