NFL Week 1 Expert Picks and Predictions by Cletus P. Stillwater

Hey, my name is Cletus and this is my second year making the “House” perdictions here at the TMR Zoo. We had so much funnin’ around last year that the boys asked me to come back and do it again. We just announced the start of the 2011 edition of “Beat the House”, our exclusive football pool where you can win some DVDs or Blu-rays if you can make better picks than me. Check out the post from yesterday for more info.

Click here for Cletus’ Complete Week 1 NFL Picks and Predictions

I made a full set of week 1 picks and predictions for the 2011 NFL season and you can see them all at the “Beat the House” entry page. Some people have asked me to elaborate on some of my picks. I don’t know what elaborate is, but I’ll explain a few of ’em for ya…

Philadelphia Eagles at St. Louis Rams – When was the last time this whole “dream team” thang worked out in football? I don’t recon it has ever since there was a salary cap. Combine that with the Eagles being under 500 in opening games under Andy Reid and that says it all. The Rams started to look good last year and lost their hold on a playoff spot in the final week, they’ll take a step forward right out of the gate and win this one on their own turf in front of all of their 6,000 fans. (My boss just slapped me on my bald head)

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans – This is pretty close to an even money game on paper but the Texans are going to slap the Colts around like a three-legged piglet on Sunday, especially with my cousin Peyton not playing. The Texans are going to ride this win thru the season… right up to the division title and into the playoffs. I can even see them winning a playoff game or two. They have a nice team down thar.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets – Since the Cowboys sucked last year nobody has really talked about them this offseason. People are talkin’ bout the Jets though. I picked the Jets to win on Sunday, but it won’t be easy. I’m calling this a defensive battle where the first team to two touchdowns is gonna win it. No matter who wins though, Coach Ryan won’t shut the hell up about it.

If you don’t agree with these or any of my other picks, just head on over to the Beat the House page and click agree or disagree on each of them. Like I said, you can win some stuff, and some other stuff too!

Enjoy the start of football season! Nuttin’ says NFL like sittin outside of the double wide with a bucket of shine and a fresh possum scraped off the road and thrown right on the barrel grill.