Casey Anthony is Offered Cash by TMR Entertainment for Bikini Photos

TMR Entertainment has heard about the financial difficulties of Casey Anthony. It seems Casey is being charged over $100,000.00 by the State of Florida for the cost of the investigation surrounding her daughter’s death. While we at TMR Entertainment find Casey Antony’s alleged acts deplorable we do recognized the celebrity and entertainment value surrounding this woman. It is for that reason we are offering to make Casey Antony one of our featured Celebrity Babes.

Unlike the porn magazines that have made offers we are not asking Casey Anthony to pose nude. We are looking for some tasteful swimsuit shots for the site. Seeing Casey Anthony will not be getting naked, we will not be footing her whole $100,000 tab with the State of Florida. We do have $100 cash leftover from our last tailgate party we are willing to part with. We will also buy her lunch. She has her choice of any of the restaurants from the mall food court next door to the TMR Entertainment corporate offices. If Casey doesn’t find that appealing she can share my lunch. I usually have a gallon of milk and a pre-made submarine sandwich.

Marketing has also told me they will throw in a tee shirt and a previously viewed blu-ray for Casey. So if Casey Antony reads this, this is not a joke. We have the cash in hand and are ready to go. If you can’t get to the TMR home office in Philly we have other options. If you can get yourself over to Yazoo City, Mississippi I would even be williin’ to take the pictures myself. Or if you want you can do some of those Facebook type self shots and we will post those bikini pics.

The economy is hurtin’ right now…$100 dollars is nothing to sneeze at. So Casey Anthony here is your chance to get financially back on track. We would even be willing to do this monthly to give you a steady cash flow.