Pippa Middleton Joins This Week’s Parade of Wardrobe Malfunctions (PIC)

It looks like this is the week of crotch shots. Pippa Middleton has thrown her hat into the wardrobe malfunction ring. Recently we have seen a Britney Spears upskirt and Lady Gaga going commando. Even Glee’s Heather Morris and Naomi Campbell showed a bit of skin this week with nip slips. Of all the skin that was flashed this week; this Pippa Middleton wardrobe malfunction pic has us totally confused.

Some sites are claiming that Pippa Middleton is not wearing panties with this mini dress at London Fashion Week. We think it could be an optical illusion not a wardrobe malfunction. The way the dress casts a shadow against Pippa’s thighs does make it look like a shaved vagina. But is that really her hoo-hah we are seeing?

We are not buying it. The photo has been on the front page of some legitimate sites. If this were a picture of Pipa Middleton’s nude lady parts I don’t think you would find it on those legitimate fashion sites. Seeing we are not a legitimate site of course we do have the uncensored picture here.

We have the unedited pic. Click here if you would like to see what has been described as Pippa’s naked crotch.  You tell us if this is the first Royal upskirt or just funky lighting.