Mayweather-Ortiz Referee Joe Cortez Called Out By Rick’s Cabaret Dancer (PICS)

It is four days later and people are still talking about the Mayweather-Ortiz debacle which displayed another example of incredibly poor officiating dictating the result of a high-profile fight. Everyone has offered their two cents about the officiating in this fight, and sports in general, including the girls at Howard Stern’s favorite gentlemen’s club, Rick’s Cabaret in New York City.

Rick’s Cabaret Dancer, 21 year-old Elise, has thrown her hat in the ring and is offering some very strong opinions on Joe Cortez and his job performance over the weekend and proclaimed “I would have made a better referee than Joe Cortez!” She says that referee Joe Cortez made a big mistake after the head butt incident and it allowed Floyd Mayweather to KO Victor Ortiz.

“Cortez mishandled the situation,” the statuesque blonde beauty said. “He was distracted and let them approach each other after the break without clearly telling them the fight was back on.”

“I would have put my body between them,” explains Elise, who says she gets a lot of her sports knowledge from getting to know many of the pro athletes who frequent Rick’s Cabaret and who have become “regular customers” of hers. “I respect Mayweather, but Ortiz should get a rematch–and with a different ref. I am volunteering my services. I look good in the ref outfit, don’t you think?”

I can honestly say I didn’t watch a second of he fight or any of the replays, but if the ref looks like Elise does below, I’m there. Click any of the thumbnails below to see the full-sized HQ version:

“I’m sorry to blame the ref. They tell me he’s in the Hall of Fame,” she said. “But I don’t know what that has to do with anything.” Confusing her sports a bit, she added, “My grandfather told me that he doesn’t recognize the Hall of Fame until Pete Rose and Ray Guy get inducted.”

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