Comedian, Now Sitcom Star, Whitney Cummings on the Howard Stern Show

This morning on the Howard Stern Show, funny girl Whitney Cummings stopped by to promote her new sitcom “Whitney”. If you watch anything at all on NBC, or listen to the Howard Stern Show regularly, you’ll know that NBC is going all in with the promotion of Whitney… you just can’t get away from it.

Whitney has been a frequent guest and friend of Howard Stern since she was a runner-up in Stern’s Funniest, Hottest Chick Contest back in 2008. The conversation wasn’t heavy on the new show though, and very typical of the fun conversations Howard has had with her on the air in the past.

You are obviously here to see what Whitney looks like, not for a recap of the radio show, so here you go…


Check out the trailer for Whitney below:

If you want more Stern-related hotness, check out our post from yesterday that features on of the Rick’s Cabaret girls calling out Joe Cortez from the Mayweather-Ortiz debacle… where you can see a few shots of her in a hot referee’s outfit.

“Whitney” premieres this Thursday, September 22nd at 9:30 on NBC. Check her out… apparently there are some hot outfits on display right out of the gate. Check out for more on Whitney and the new show.