Is the Woman on the Lil Wayne Sex Tape Nicki Minaj?

Looks like our friends at MTO have another scoop. It seems they go their hot little hands on a Lil Wayne sex tape. Thankfully it was not filmed while he was locked up. It seems the sextape was filmed 3 years ago and the girl in the sex tape reportedly looks a lot like Nicki Minaj. No one looks like Nicki Minaj but Nicki Minaj so we are going out on a limb and saying there is a good chance it is her. has some BLOCKBUSTER NEWS!! A new sextape exists which shows rapper Lil Wayne GETTING IT IN with a woman . . . and that woman appears to be NICKI MINAJ!!!

A group of men from New Orleans are selling the tape, and they gave an IMPROMPTU SCREENING. The video, we were told is approximately 3 years old and it was taken by Lil Wayne.

The tape circulated amongst Weezy’s boys and found its way into the hands of some entrepreneurial HOOD DUDES.

The cost of the footage . . .. 150 RACKS!!! Too rich for our blood. But it may find its way onto another site . . .

So it looks like is it is Nicki Minaj she goes from having a little nip slip months ago to having the ultimate celebrity embarrassment. Having sex on tape buck naked is a lot worse than any wardrobe malfunction photo. If we do get to see Nicki Minaj nude it will be interesting to see if she matches the hairdo to the pubes.

If it truly is Weezy on the sex tape I am sure Vivid Entertainment will pay the $150,000 asking price. If the girl on the tape turn out to be Nicki Minaj it is worth ten times that. I am sure Vivid would love to put a Nicki Minaj sex tape on its shelves right next to Kim Kardashian and the spot they hope will be filled one day by Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez…damn maybe both? Leaked pics anyone?