NFL Week 4 Balls-On Accurate Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 3 Recap

Week 3 has come and gone and quite a few “experts” had some trouble cashing in on their predictions for the week. As far as our contest goes, once again the House was beaten, but there was some pretty close voting.

Our expert has already made his week 4 picks and predictions and you can find them at our “Beat the House” entry page where you can agree or disagree with his prognostications in attempt to win some great movie prizes. In addition to the movie prize pack, beating the house could win you some great new products from AXE Hair. Head on over to the entry page to enter now, and then keep checking to see how the readership agrees or disagrees with the picks.

Click Here To See Our Week 4 “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions

As for week 3, two game picks were not agreed with by the membership and both of those were not as the House predicted, so the entrant with the best pick sets gets our DVD or Blu-ray prize pack. The week 3 winner is PDX_RAM, who picked 14 out of 16 games correctly. Good work. The rest of the week went as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 3: 7-9 10-6 9-7
2011 Overall: 25-23 31-17 31-17

The overall tally in 2011 now is Members 2, House 0, Madden NFL Sim 1.

Votes are already pouring in for week 3 so make sure you enter yours before the deadline… kickoff of the 1:00pm EST games on Sunday.

Stay tuned for when we announce the results for NFL player of the week and find out of any member was able to correctly guess them and win the Jagermeister Cooler!