Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Accounts are Curiously Silent About Sara Leal Cheating Scandal

As we reported last night there are strong indications that 2 and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher was busted cheating on his wife Demi Moore with Sara Leal. We posted comments from bloggers last night and there is some strong evidence that the allegations are true. The biggest tell tale sign is Ashton hasn’t tweeted anything to deny the rumors he slept with Sara Leal.

Ashton’s @aplusk was on fire last year when allegations surfaced that he slept with 21 year old Britney Jones. Ashton tweeted about lawsuits, lawyers and false allegations when faced with claims of his infidelity. With this new Sara Leal scandal we haven’t heard a peep out of the social media king. Nothing!

Demi Moore’s @mrskutcher twitter account seems to have gone pretty cold over the past few days also. With the exception of what looks like product placements and scheduled paid tweets there really isn’t much on her Twitter account. Well that is nothing but this creepy picture that looks like she is dead with the message “I see right through you” that was posted on the day the cheating story broke. Creepy huh!

Ashton’s alleged mistress might have disappeared from social networking altogether. There was a Twitter account for a Sara Leal from Texas that was talking about traveling to San Diego for a Paramore concert. That Sara Leal @Saramore twitter account was blown up this morning. San Diego is the city where the alleged affair happened.

Stay tuned as we told you Star magazine is yet to drop whatever bombshell evidence they have this morning. Right now it doesn’t look good for Ashton. Looks like he may be moving into a bachelor pad in Malibu after all. I am willing to be cold cash the next tweet you see from either of them will be “Please respect our privacy during this difficult time”