The Joker Dies In Batman: Arkham City?

In CVG’s preview of Batman: Arkham City, it seems that The Joker does end up dead.

After forcing Hammer’s face into the ground with our knuckles we grapple up to the room in Sionis Industries where Joker’s been hiding out, medical support and all. The kick ass, justice dealing tone soon changes when we see Harley Quinn clutching at The Joker in his chair, crying over his limp body.

Batman tells Quinn to move, she refuses and The Dark Knight’s usually calm voice sparks a sharp tone of almost desperate urgency as he commands Harley to move, grabbing her arm and throwing her aside.

Detective Mode confirms The Clown Prince of Crime is dead. It’s a ballsy decision and one that would usually be reserved for the comics alone. But most importantly it’s a massive twist that any of the many Arkham City reveals could never have prepared us for.

It’s hard to believe it’s not just a trick by The Joker, but who knows?

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