20 Year Old Tupac Shakur Sex Tape to be Released Post Mortem

Even in death Tupac Shakur can still top other rappers. A week after it was reported there was a Lil Wayne sex tape being shopped, Tupac Shakur is back from the grave…well sort of. It seems a sex tape of Tupac Shakur has been uncovered and the person in possion of it plans on releasing it.

The five minute sex tape shows Tupac Shakur and what has been described as a ghetto groupie engaged in oral sex. The girl is going to work on Tupac Shakur while he is rapping through his greatest hits. Reportedly Tupac Shakur had a joint in one had and a drink in the other as the girl tuned him up. Also in the sex tape is Money B from Digital Underground who holds a conversation with Tupac Shakur while he is getting blown.

I know what you are thinking but…the xxx sextape was filmed at a house party in 1991. Seeing Kim Kardashian was only 10 in 1991 she obviously isn’t on the sextape. The tape ends with the sad and exploited young girl getting ready to be penetrated by the now deceased rapper.

Good luck to whomever is shopping this tape. Like everything else hip hop this sex tape will be leaked on all of the torrent sites for download within 5 minutes of its release. Good luck making money with this one.