Will ESPN Let Hank Williams III Step In For Hank Williams Jr. on Monday Night Football

In this world of political correctness gone amuck it looks like Hank Williams Jr may have lost his ESPN Monday Night Football gig. As a musician I must say the Monday Night Football gig is one of the sweetest gigs in the music industry. Hank Williams Jr. performs the same song roughly 20 times per year. 16 of those performances can be recorded during the off season. Perks include hanging out with the NFL’s elite and the ability to walk into any football game in the country including the Superbowl… pretty sweet gig. Now it looks like Hank Williams Jr. may lose that gig for comments made about Barack Obama.

I am not here to defend or repeat what Hank Williams Jr said about Barack Obama. I don’t want to discuss if ESPN has the right to fire Hank for political comments made on his own time. I am apolitical on this one. I am here to deal with the biggest matter at hand… Who the hell is going to sing the Monday Night Football song?

If ESPN and Roger Goodell want to keep the country thing going, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley would be obvious picks. But wasn’t Hank Williams Jr. selected because he had a bit of grittiness to him? Wasn’t the NFL looking for that hard edge rebel thing?  If that is the case there is only one way to go.

Give Hank Williams III the MNF gig. Some of you are sitting there saying to yourselves there is yet another Hank Williams making records? Yes, there is and the III is even grittier than Jr. To get a good look at Hank Williams III you may want to watch the independent film The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Hank Williams III is close friends with Jesco White, the Dancing Outlaw. It would only be too cool to see Hank Willams III banging out the Monday Night Football song with Jesco White mountain dancing behind him.

I call on ESPN to show some balls – go for it. If you won’t use Hank Williams Jr, please use Hank Williams III. Below is a bit of video to help you NFL and ESPN executives make up your minds.