Are You Ready For Some Justin? Bieber Lands ESPN Monday Night Football Gig

Not long after announcing that they were parting ways with Hank Williams Jr. ESPN and the NFL have tapped Justin Bieber to be the next performer to launch Monday Night Football.  Richard Wizzin Vice President of Football programming at ESPN announced the new partnership at a press conference today with Justin Biber on hand.

When asked if he was a big football fan Justin replied “well I am from Canada so I am more into hockey” then he over-enthusiastically piled on with “but I think Tom Brady has real cool hair”. Justin then went on to tell the crowd of sports reporters the new Monday Night Football theme song will be an adaptation of his hit song Baby, Baby, Baby. Justin said the hit will be changed to Football, Football, Football and each week he will “mix it up” with different dance moves.

ESPN sports reporter Mitch Albom was on hand and Justin Bieber seemed fascinated by him. Bieber finally commented on the reporter’s attire saying he hadn’t seen a fur cap since he left Canada. The crowd of reporters grew very quiet and uncomfortable at that point seeing Mitch Albom wasn’t wearing a hat.

So starting next week you can watch Justin Biber and all of his rowdy friends live on Monday Night Football.