Electronic Arts NFL Blitz Is Back (Trailer)

Electronic Arts is working on a new NFL Blitz title, after acquiring the rights to Midway’s classic, arcade-style American football game. Since EA got an exclusive contract with the NFL, Midway struggled. The publisher attempted a license-less Blitz the League series, but it never took off.

An EA Tiburon-developed NFL Blitz revival was rumored last year, chiefly because one of the creators of the original game, Mark Turmell, was a member of the development house. However, Turmell left the developer, which ended the rumor at the time.

EA Sports produced another Turmell title, NBA Jam, and have now begun work on NFL Blitz. The game will feature overly-muscular player models, making them resemble wrestlers more than football players. According to 1Up.com, 1st and 30s are the standard with 7-on-7 action featuring no penalties or injuries. NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow will handle play-by-play duty and players can earn cards and in-game money that can be used to acquire NFL players for their team as well as cheats and alternative game modes, ie. Big Head mode.

The game will also include an online multiplayer component, as well as a new single player mode called “Blitz Gauntlet”, in which the player plays several teams in a row, which will unlock strange teams like zombies, lions, Bigfoots, and so on.

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