AMC: The Walking Dead Review – Episode 2.3: Save the Last One

Poor, tortured Shane. In order to get the medical supplies back to the house in time to save Carl (or perhaps, just save himself), he sacrificed Otis to the zombies. It was a harsh decision that echoed back to what Lori and Rick argued about: Is life worth living if you spend all your time barely surviving? Does that make you some kind of animal, or something barely human, something not unlike what you’re running from? I’m sure Shane would argue that he left Otis behind in order to get back and save Carl; neither one of them had enough bullets to hold off the on-coming horde. The only way to escape was to stop them with a distraction, preferably a meal. But leaving Otis behind was also an act of pure survival. When he returned to the house, you could see that Shane was shaken by his selfishness, but in a way it’s hard to blame him. I’d want to be the one to make it out alive too. I have a feeling that this might come back to haunt him again.

On other fronts, it seems like Carl, thanks to the help of Dr. Herchel and Shane’s medical supplies, will make a recovery. There seem to be some sparks between Glenn and Maggie, which is nice because we haven’t seen much of Glenn this year. We also get look into what makes Daryl tick; he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and his unwillingness to give up on Sophia is really endearing.

Now that Carl’s safe, the immediate crisis is over, and the residents of the house are going to have to deal with the loss of one of their own (poor Otis) and the disruption this group of strangers is causing to their settled lives. There’s going to be space for conflict there, and I’m looking foward to seeing it.

Crazy Violence Level: 8 of 10

Comments: A good bit of zombie killing today, with a few other gross bits thrown in.

Notable Highlights:

* Multiple zombie headshots
* Another Daryl crossbow bolt through the brain
* Gross, still living zombie hanging from a tree, with legs stripped of flesh and chewed down to the bone
* Multiple zombies feasting on poor, fat Otis.

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