Taylor Swift Topless Leaked Cellphone Photo ? (PIC)

No, this one is a not a Taylor Swift nip slip, gentlemen. This is an intentionally-taken, posed picture of a topless female bearing a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift. You can see the uncensored image below. This news is only a few hours old so there has not been any official confirmation or denial from the Taylor Swift camp on the authenticity of the photo… yet.

If you want our opinion… no, it is not authentic. This isn’t a self-taken shot from a cellphone camera with the intent to text, or sext, it to one of her boyfriends, ala Scarlett Johansson. This is posed, and taken by an additional participant. Could that accomplish have surprisingly snapped the pic on a cell phone? That is very possible.

To see the full-sized and fully uncensored pic, just click the censored image below:

We will stay on this issue and let you know what Miss Swift’s camp has to say about this leaked photo’s authenticity. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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