NFL Week 9 Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 8 Recap

Our Week 9 “expert” NFL picks and predictions have been posted and are available for your viewing pleasure on our “Beat the House” contest page. The Week 8 “Beat the House” recap is below.

He did it again! After getting his ass whipped for five straight weeks to start the 2011 NFL season, The House went a third week in a row without getting beaten. It is the second straight week that the membership had been beaten outright.

So just to recap… three weeks ago the House tied the Members, then the House won by .5 games, and this week the House won by a full game. Am I seeing a pattern here? You readers better step up your game!

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The only game that the membership disagreed with the House on was Minnesota over Carolina. Since that game went as Cletus predicted, The House was not beaten and therefore no prizes can be awarded this week. The final tallies for week 7 and the season as a whole are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 8: 10-3 10-3 9-4
2011 Overall: 67-49 72-44 78.5-37.5

The overall tally in 2011 now is Members 4, House 2, Madden NFL Sim 2.

Votes are already pouring in for week 9 so make sure you enter yours before the deadline… kickoff of the 1:00pm EST games on Sunday.

Stay tuned for when we announce the results for NFL player of the week and find out of any member was able to correctly guess them and win the Jagermeister Cooler!