The Voting is Over My Jim Beam Bold Choice Has Been Made

The masses have spoken. Two weeks ago I told you folks about Jim Beam’s bold choices promotion. Jim Beam is celebrating Bold Choices and the people that make them. In an era of cautiousness, bold behavior can be hard to find. So in what I feel is an effort to spice things up a bit, Jim Beam has taken to the web to find some “bold bloggers”. They approached me and asked about some bold choices and adventures I have always wanted to accomplish.

I gave you readers 3 choices. You voted for me to take up hockey and play goalie, videotape New Hampshire’s leave change from a hot air balloon or for me to buy a classic country guitar and take country guitar lessons.

It looks like I will be polishing my boots and getting ready for the hoedown, you folks overwhelmingly voted for me to take up country guitar. I have a felling the Country Music Awards the other night may have pushed the vote in that direction.

The balloon ride got 22% of the vote, hockey surprisingly only got 20% and playing country guitar won with a landslide 58% of the votes. Also a big winner is one of you. For helping me make my bold choice one lucky TMRzoo reader receives a $100 gift card. We emailed the winner of $100 gift card this morning, congratulations. Please use the money boldly.

So I am off to get my country axe this morning. Thanks to Jim Beam giving me the money to make this happen I am off to pick up a Gibson Les Paul and signing up for guitar lessons. Why a Gibson Les Paul and not a Fender Telecaster? Les Paul is the chosen guitar of southern rock legends Duane Allman, Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar-god Gary Rossington. Kid Rock’s axeman Kenny Olson also wields a Gibson Les Paul. You cant get much bolder than these guys.

So thanks again to Jim Beam for setting me on the path to making my bold dream come true, I will keep you readers updated along my journey.