Howard Stern Addresses America’s Got Talent Judge Rumors (VIDEO)

On yesterday morning’s Howard Stern Radio Show, Howard addressed the recent rumors regarding him becoming a judge on America’s Got Talent. Some video snippets of his announcement are featured below. He said that no deal is in place but did not dismiss the rumors that he was approached by the show and certainly did not deny that he was in negotiations.

This morning, right before Chaz Bono came in for an interview, Howard’s wife, Beth Ostroski Stern, was in the studio promoting the North Shore Animal League. Howard again was discussing possibly being a judge and Beth alluded to him being in negotiations. Howard quickly stopped her, but then she asked, “Oops, did I mess up?”

Hmmm, it certainly sounds like something is in the works, or at least being talked about. Check out Howard’s comments from yesterday below:

Howard does have a tie-in to America’s Got Talent… Sharon Osborne and her husband, Ozzy, have been longtime guests and friends of the Howard Stern Show. And if Sharon wants something, I have a feeling she won’t give up until she gets it.

You can see the full interview at, Howard’s On-Demand Cable Network. Stay tuned for more information, but these rumors certainly seem to have more legs that ones regarding American Idol.